Mental Health


Naturopathic medicine aims to uncover the underlying causes of distress through compassion, open mindedness, and non-judgement. Healing happens at your pace. Treating depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, behavioural addictions, and select personality disorders.

Naturopathic doctors in BC conduct a thorough intake and provide counselling, lab testing, and a wide variety of techniques and therapies to support you. 



Acupuncture is an effective treatment for muscle aches and injuries. It has also shown promise in studies related to headache prevention, irritable bowel syndrome, and mental health support. Electro-Stim acupuncture is exclusively offered at no additional cost.

Thin, sterilized needles are inserted at specific points on the body and are retained for 15-20 minutes per treatment. 

Nutritional Counselling


The best nutrition strategies are created when your unique values, genes, and personal preferences are added to the equation. 

Do not hesitate if you have questions about exercise, meditation, or other forms of self-care.

Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine can be a wonderful way to support your naturopathic care. Herbal supplements and nutraceuticals have been carefully selected for effectiveness and quality from trusted companies such as Cytomatrix, Douglas Labs, Genestra, and AOR Pro. This dispensary carries evidence-based herbs and supplements.

Lab Testing


Lab testing helps paint a detailed picture of your health. Examples include routine blood work, food sensitivity testing, hormonal testing, thyroid function, liver & kidney health, and much more. Testing is performed through Life Labs and Rocky Mountain Analytics. 

Please note that labs are charged at an additional cost to the patient, however, many insurance plans cover all or a portion of these tests. 



20 minute Consultation


60 minute Initial Consultation


45 minute Follow-Up Consultation


30 minute Follow-Up Consultation


60 minute Initial Acupuncture Consultation


30 minute Acupuncture Session


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